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Help for PMETs

14.We have to step up training across all levels of the workforce, including our PMETs (professionals, managers, executives and technicians). To cater to the needs of PMETs, WDA aims to double the number of Professional Conversion Programmes over the coming year, from 23 currently.
15.We will make two more enhancements to SPUR to help PMETs re-train. SPUR currently provides course fee subsidies of 80% for PMET-level courses. We will be increasing the subsidy rate for PMET courses that are eligible for SPUR to 90%, the same subsidy level as rank-and-file level courses. This includes all Specialist and Advanced Diplomas offered by our polytechnics.
16.Further, WDA will bring under SPUR, selected tertiary courses at UniSIM and our three publicly funded universities.
17.Complementing SPUR, the Economic Development Board (EDB) will introduce a $100 million programme where EDB co-shares manpower, training and related costs with companies, especially focused on engineering and technical jobs. It will also fund on-the-job training opportunities for fresh graduates.
18.These re-training and upgrading measures are expected to cost $750 million over the next two years. It is money well invested in the human capital of our workers.

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