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Family Violence Issues


Introduction to Family Violence Issues

3 ch

Introduction to current theories, research and practice in family violence issues. Topics will include: themes of violence; dynamics of violence; gender relations; attitudes, myths, and realities surrounding family violence; public versus private nature of family violence. Research from various perspectives will be evaluated. 

Prerequisite: Admission to the Certificate Program or permission of the instructor.


Antecedents and Patterns of Family Violence Issues

3 ch

Provides a historical and current overview of the societal catalysts/contributors to, and the patterns of, family violence. Explores why members of marginalized groups (e.g., the poor, women, children, immigrants, First Nations persons, gays, lesbians, disabled and the elderly) are often at especially high risk of being victimized by violence in intimate relationships. 

Prerequisite: Admission to Certificate Program or permission of the instructor.

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