Foundation trilogy

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Foundation’s Triumph
David Brin

To Isaac Asimov,

who added an entire course to our endless dinner-tale conversation about destiny.

Part 1: A Foretold Destiny

Part 2: An Ancient Plague

Part 3: Secret Crimes

Part 4: A Magnificent Design

Part 5: A Recurring Rendesvous

Part 6: Full Circle



Timeline for the Robots and Foundation Universe


Part 1

Little is known about the final days of Hari Seldon, though many romanticized accounts exist, some of them purportedly by his own hand. None has any proved validity.

What appears evident, however, is that Seldon spent his last months uneventfully, no doubt enjoying satisfaction in his life’s work. For with his gift of mathematical insight, and the powers of psychohistory at his command, he must surely have seen the panorama of history stretching before him, confirming the great path of destiny that he had already mapped out.

Although death would soon claim him, no other mortal ever knew with such confidence and certainty the bright promise that the future would hold in store.

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  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   ...   546

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