February 2002 00 00 p m. at The Institute of Education, University of London

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Wednesday 20th February 2002

2.00-5.00 p.m.
at The Institute of Education, University of London

1. Welcomes, introductions and apologies for absence (RI)

Richard Aplin (ALA), Mary Auckland (RCSLT), Sue Barry (LAGB, secretary), Keith Brown (LAGB), Deborah Cameron (Institute of Education), Sharon Curry (ALL), Keith Davidson (NATE), Ros Fisher (UKRA), Dick Hudson (LAGB), Roz Ivanic& (BAAL), Terry Lamb (ALL), Constant Leung (BAAL), Janet Maybin (BAAL)

APOLOGIES: Mike Baynham (BAAL), Celine Castelino (BSA), Anthea Fraser Gupta (LAGB), April McMahon (LAGB), Teresa O’Brien (BAAL), Marina Spiegel (NATECLA), Brian Street (Kings College).

The Chair welcomed to the meeting Terry Lamb (President, ALL) and Sharon Curry (Assistant Director, ALL), one of whom will represent ALL at future CLIE meetings.

It was reported that Lindsay Peer (BDyA) had resigned from CLIE due to other commitments on her time. RI expressed her thanks for her valued contribution to the committee.

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