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Program Guide 2014

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The School of Psychology, University of Western Australia welcomes you as a postgraduate student studying Clinical Neuropsychology.

First of all, we recognise the hard work and many years of study that have gone into getting you this far. We anticipate that you will find professional higher education both exciting and challenging and very different to your experiences as an undergraduate and honours student. As a postgraduate there is a far greater emphasis on independent learning, critical and reflective practice, through which you will develop your skills and clinical knowledge, and enhance your engagement with professional psychologists and allied health professions. There are also many more opportunities for you to contribute to the activities of the school, including assisting your fellow students, and becoming involved in teaching of undergraduates or supporting of Honours projects.
The most successful students are those who keep an open mind: allowing themselves to be challenged with new ideas and experiences, and those who are highly organised: planning ahead and developing strategies to manage all the many pressures and demands placed on them by PG training, and life in general. Doing only what is required to get the degree simply is not enough.
We are delighted that a substantial number of our postgraduate students contribute to the teaching and research activities of the School. We recognise this contribution and, as far as resources permit, provide support for such activities.
This guide contains an overview of the Program and the support available to you. However, detailed information about individual Units can be found online at UIMS. As a general rule, information should be sought from the staff member identified as responsible for the Unit, Placement, or the Program Coordinator. However, as the Director of Postgraduate Studies, my door is open if further discussion, beyond these staff members, would be helpful.
There is an opportunity for postgraduates to provide feedback regarding the program and contribute to discussions through student representation on School Committees. Please consider this as an opportunity to gain invaluable experience representing your fellow students.

Winthrop Professor Andrew Page

Postgraduate Programs Director

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