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Map Algebra

Map Algebra: The language of raster Expression syntax rules Expression evaluation Map Algebra objects User attributes in expressions Special cell values in Map Algebra Map Algebra operators Examples of operators Multi Output Map Algebra tool Single Output Map Algebra tool Map Algebra versus Model Builder Spatial Analyst commands Map Algebra functions Function syntax rules Local functions Focal functions Focal neighborhoods Neighborhood notation Zonal functions Global functions CON function Working with No Data

Raster processing tools

Why raster processing

Tool locations

Extract and Sample



Block Statistics



Boundary Clean Thin Majority Filter Nibble Region group Multivariate Statistics

Interpolation tools

Creating surfaces

Functional surface

What is interpolation?

Linear interpolation

Sampling a surface

Controlling sample points

Barriers to interpolation

ArcGIS interpolation tools

Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW)

IDW parameters

Natural Neighbors


Choosing a spline type



Kriging models

Topo to Raster

Visual comparisons of Interpolators

Feature density estimation

Testing your surface

Surface analysis tools

Road map: Surface analysis tools Sources of topographic data Surface conversion Using surfaces in ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Contour tool Slope tool Aspect tool Curvature Hillshade tool Visibility analysis Visibility tools Controlling visibility in a view shed

Hydrologic tools

ArcHydro Data Model Surface hydrology tools Roadmap: Surface hydrology

Topographic surfaces Topo to Raster tool Identifying and filling sinks Flow Direction tool Flow Accumulation tool Creating streams Stream Order tool Stream Link tool Creating basin IDs for streams Stream to Feature tool Roadmap: Basins and watersheds Defining watersheds and basins Snap Pour Point tool Roadmap: Other operations Flow Length tool Performing a raindrop trace Groundwater hydrology tools Roadmap: Groundwater hydrology Groundwater tool limitations Darcy Flow tool Particle Track tool Porous Puff tool

Distance tools

Distance tools Roadmap: Euclidean distance Euclidean tools output Calculating Euclidean distance Euclidean direction and allocation Weighted distance measurement Roadmap: Weighted distance process Creating the cost surface Calculating travel costs Accumulated travel cost output Backlink output Allocation output Roadmap: Path Distance tools Path Distance tool Roadmap : Cost Path tool Finding paths Roadmap: Corridor tool

Building models

Modeling spatial problems Types of models Binary suitability models

Weighted suitability models Weighted suitability methodology Define the model Break big models into sub-models Decide how to measure the issues Data types and math in modeling Define a scale of suitability Determine suitability and weights Convert measures into suitability Reclassify tool Reclassify with equations Weight and combine the layers Weighted Overlay tool Find the best locations Building models with Model Builder Model elements Running a model Setting tool parameters Setting model parameters Setting derived data properties Setting diagram properties Setting model properties Saving, exporting, and printing a model

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