Esri instructor-Led Training Working with Arcgis spatial Analyst Three days. Cost: $995. 00

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Getting started with ArcGIS Spatial Analyst

Benefits of raster GIS ArcGIS raster support Spatial Analyst tools Seven interfaces for Spatial Analyst Spatial Analyst toolbar Spatial Analyst and ArcTool box Spatial Analyst and Command Line Spatial Analyst and Model Builder Spatial Analyst and scripts Spatial Analyst and Arc Objects Spatial Analyst and Map Algebra Managing the extension Resources for self-study

Raster concepts

Geography as raster Features as raster. Raster coordinate systems Raster resolution Raster cell coincidence Raster re-sampling Raster registration Raster cell values Raster attribute tables Raster zones and regions Raster formats Raster format essentials Image formats ESRI grid format Analysis environments Setting output cell size Setting output extent Setting snap raster Setting analysis mask Setting output projection Setting geo processing environments Setting toolbar environments

Building a raster database

Roadmap 4A: Building a raster database ESRI Data Models Data sources Rasters in ArcCatalog Geoprocessing: Raster management tools Raster spatial reference Raster compression merging rasters. Rasters in an ArcSDE geo database Rasters in a personal geo database Geodatabase raster datasets Geodatabase raster catalogues Image formats General properties: Pyramids General properties: Statistics Raster rendering. Re-sampling and color ramp stretching Raster conversion tools Conversion on the fly Converting features to raster Converting raster to features Projecting rasters with ArcMap Projecting rasters with geo processing tools Geometric transformation tools Georeferencing a raster Georeferencing steps Georeferencing toolbar Adding links Assessing link accuracy Transforming the raster Rectification process Rectification must resample

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