Enterprising Intrapreneurship

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2003 Enterprising Intrapreneurship:

Putting Academic Learning into Real World Contexts

Where are your opportunities for intrapreneurship? An introduction to intrapreneurial tactics.
This activity asks participants to use their own experience to consider the opportunities and barriers to being intrapreneurial in their own sphere of operation.
Estimated time: 50 minutes or 90 minutes, or two 50 minute sessions.

Facilities: Space for groups to work in pairs, flip chart paper and pens. In 50 minutes we suggest you keep this exercise in pairs, with more time the group sizes could be increased.

Tutor’s Notes

In setting up the session ask the participants to get into pairs. We suggest that friendship pairs are avoided to get more objective interactions. Throughout the session you should be casually moving around the room, getting an idea of what is happening, encouraging discussion, helping where a pair seems to have fallen quiet – ask them to run over what they have been saying, look to keep the level of chat high. In running the longer version this will help you to pick potential presenters.

Introduction (You may wish to copy this to the participants’ handout, see next page.)

Remind participants what intrapreneurship involves e.g.:

Intrapreneurs are employees who behave like entrepreneurs in their organization, company and social activities. They have ideas and they act on them. They become the hands-on drivers of a specific idea or innovation. People with intrapreneurial skills are an essential element of an organization or group that ensure its survival by moving the business or group forwards.
You have experience from school, university, part-time jobs, full-time employment, voluntary and social activities in observing how groups and organisations work. What we are going to do today is to explore your own opportunities for innovation, and give you the opportunity to reflect on your personal feelings about being intrapreneurial.

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