Enduring Love? Couple Relationships in the 21st Century Survey Findings

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Executive summary
1. Report background
This Report comes out of the ESRC-funded research project, Enduring Love?
Couple Relationships in the 21
Century. This is a mixed methods investigation into long-term adult couple relationships. Its four main aims are

To understand how quality and stability are experienced and imagined in long- term relationships.

To examine the gendered relationship work that women and men do to stay together.

To advance knowledge of how enduring relationships are lived and felt by couples at different generational points in the life course.

To interrogate the experience of adult couples, living with and without
children, and the impact of family policies and cultural narratives. The Report is based on findings from the project’s online survey questionnaire completed by 4494 UK participants, which included 5 measures focusing on

relationship qualities

the couple partnership

relationship maintenance

happiness with relationship/partner

happiness with life.
Open-ended questions on what was liked, disliked and appreciated in relationships were also included in the survey.

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