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Create your bibliography with EndNote on the Web

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Create your bibliography with EndNote on the Web

EndNote online can create your bibliography for you, either as a file for you to open, or as part of a file you are working on. You can use EndNote online to create links between the text you have entered in a Word document and your EndNote references, and create your bibliography as a part of that document.

Finding and Inserting Citations as you write your essay (Cite While You Write)

  1. Open your Word document.

  2. Click on the Down arrow just next to Style. Rather than selecting directly from the drop-down menu of styles you must choose: Select another style at the top of the drop-down list and a dialog will appear containing details of all styles (the first list only goes as far as styles beginning with D!).

image of microsoft word 2007 endnote web ribbon containing the reference styles option, the update citations and bibliography button and convert citations and bibliography options.

  1. Open your Word document and position the cursor at the location where you would like the citation. (Make sure that you are in Normal view, otherwise some functions may not be available. Simply go to View and select Normal). You might also want to create a heading for a bibliography at the end of your document.

  2. Click Find Citations. The Find Citation(s) search box will appear.

  3. Enter a search term in the Search field to find the reference or references to insert.

The search will search your entire EndNote Web, including all fields of all references and all groups.

To search for a specific phrase, such as a title, enclose the phrase in double quotes.

Using a space between terms acts as an OR operator and returns references containing any of the words.

  1. Click the Search button.

  2. Select the reference. To insert multiple references in one citation, click each reference while holding the Ctrl key.

  3. Click the Insert button.

An alternate way of including references is to enter the author family name and date in curly brackets, {name, date}, at the relevant point in your text. Then click on update citations and bibliography, this should find your citations in the text and pull in the references from your EndNote Web library (creating the bibliography at the end).

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