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Removing duplicate records

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Removing duplicate records

Sometimes when you are searching multiple databases you may import duplicate references. To remove duplicate references:

  1. Select the Organize tab.

  2. Select Find Duplicates.

  3. The duplicate records are automatically selected.

  4. Click Delete.

Sharing folders with others

You can share a group of references with other students. This could be useful for group work. It can also be shared with colleagues from other institutions as long as they have an EndNote Web account.

  1. Select the Organize tab.

  2. Select the group that you would like to share, click manage sharing.

  3. Add the email address(es) of the people you wish to share your references with (note that they will need to set up an EndNote web account).

  4. You can grant read only or read/write access.

Viewing other groups

  1. Select the Organize tab.

  2. Select Others’ Groups – if nothing is listed you have not been added to a group.

  3. Click on Apply.

You should now be able to see a heading for each group you are sharing in your references.

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