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“Capture” of webpages etc

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“Capture” of webpages etc.

The plug-in to your browser (Internet Explorer and Firefox only) also has a “capture” function which pulls out details from some webpages (generally those with an API) and automatically creates references for your EndNote library. Try this with Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk.

This will also work for some websites but varies depending on the quality of the information (metadata) the website has about itself, so do check the resulting captures and add any additional information you require.

Finding the full text of an article

  1. Go to your EndNote Online. Click on the SFX button beneath the reference. Where access is available to an article or resource from the library catalogue clicking SFX should give you a link saying “Full text is available via…” Click on this link to go to the article.

  2. For some other references imported from databases you are given the option to refer back to the original item record. Where this appears click on it, and you should be taken back to the original database record.

Attaching files to your records

  1. You can attach the full text of articles or other documents to your records in EndNote.

  2. Click on the paperclip icon for each record.

  3. Browse for the file to attach.

  4. Where records have files attached the paperclip turns slightly blue.

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