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Export references from other databases

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Export references from other databases

You can also export references from most other databases. Select the EndNote Online, EndNote Web or RIS export option. Save the file to your computer.

From EndNote Online choose Collect and Import References.

  • From Choose File browse to select the file you want to import.

  • From Import option select RefMan RIS.

  • Under To: choose a folder to add the records to – if not using folders select [unfiled].

  • If you are using a computer with only EndNote Online installed you should be taken directly to EndNote Online.

  • If you have the EndNote desktop software installed a popup asks whether you want to save the records to EndNote or EndNote Online. Select EndNote Online.

If you have any difficulties please contact your subject librarian.

Exporting references from Google Scholar

  1. When you do your search in Google Scholar you should get a Cite link under each result. Click the Cite link.

  2. In the pop up box that appears click the RefMan option (NOT the EndNote option).

  3. Your references will be imported into your EndNote Online library. NB: The quality of the reference is dependent on the metadata from Google, check your references for any missing information.

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