EndNote® Online Getting Started Workbook

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Creating a Group

Start by creating a group for your references. It is a good idea to create one group for all your references for a particular project or topic – you could call it “dissertation” etc. To create a group click on the Organize tab. Click on Manage my groups (you may find your browser tries to block the scripted window pop up – if so right-click on the bar at the top of your browser window to allow it) In the pop up box type a name for your group and press OK.

Setting up your computer to work with EndNote Online

Download the Plugins

  1. The plug-ins can be found by clicking on the Downloads tab at the top of the screen.

  2. Choose the relevant download for your operating system.

  3. You will need to close all MSOffice programs to load the EndNote on the web plug-in.

  4. Once the download is complete, double click on the icon to install the program (Mac users will need to open from the Applications folder).

  5. The plug-in ensures your computer identifies what to do with references you download and also installs the ‘cite while you write’ tab into Word.

Your references

Manually input a reference

  1. Under the Collect tab, select New Reference.

  2. Select your Reference Type from the drop-down menu. You will most probably want Book, Book Section, Website or Journal Article, but there are also other options. Fill in the relevant fields with the information you have, i.e. author, title and so on. Enter authors’ names in the format Surname, First Name e.g. Smith, Delia or Banks, J O, if you have more than one author separate with a semi-colon (;). If the author is an organisation put a comma at the end of the name i.e.: World Bank,

  3. The Research Notes field towards the bottom of the list allows you to add notes about your reading. This is a searchable field.

  4. When you have finished entering your reference, either choose a group to add your reference to, or to have the reference added to the “unfiled” folder, click on Save and then “back to top”.

  5. To preview your references, see the section on creating a subject bibliography at the end of this handout.

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