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About EndNote

EndNote Online is a useful bibliographic tool, helping you to keep track of the books, journals and other sources that you have used. It helps you to cite and create bibliographies, in the referencing style that your department requires. It is quite different to the desktop version of the EndNote programme.

If you need further help, the library EndNote web pages http://www.brad.ac.uk/library/library-resources/endnote/ and the on-screen Help menu should be able to help you.

Important Note: When using databases to enter references into EndNote you may see the following terms used EndNote Online, EndNote Web and simply EndNote. If you are asked to choose between these terms always choose either EndNote Online or EndNote Web.

Setting up an account with EndNote Online

To get access to the full version of EndNote Online you need to register on campus or follow the off campus instructions below. If you have registered off campus without following these instructions logging in from campus should give you full access.

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