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Format / Reformat your Bibliography

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Format / Reformat your Bibliography

Once all citations have been entered, a bibliography will have been created at the end of your Word document. You will need to format the bibliography in the style recommended by your department. For many this will be the Harvard(Brad) style.

  1. Choose your output style from the drop-down menu. (i.e. Harvard(Brad)) First you must go to: Select another style at the top of the drop-down list and a popup will appear containing details of all styles rather than the shorter list which initially displays.

image of microsoft word 2007 endnote web ribbon containing the reference styles option, the update citations and bibliography button and convert citations and bibliography options.

  1. Click on Update Citations and Bibliography.

Emailing or submitting your word document to Turnitin

To send the document electronically, or Submit via Turnitin, you need to remove the EndNote formatting. Select: Convert Citations and Bibliography and convert to plain text. (MacWord users it is Remove Field Codes).

A message will appear warning that the file will be saved as a new document, leaving the original unchanged. The original will still be linked to EndNote, and will still be editable. The new document should be saved separately.

Not using MS Word on Windows?

Word for Mac users

  1. Download the Plug-in for Mac from the Downloads tab in EndNote.

  2. When the file has downloaded, run from the Applications folder to complete the installation.

  3. Once the toolbar has installed it may default to the desktop version of EndNote (EndNote X7 etc.). If it does, go to the tab and select Preferences > Application and change the default to EndNote online.

  4. If EndNote doesn’t appear as a separate tab or toolbar, try the Tools menu.

  5. To change your reference style in Word for Mac (to Numbered or Harvard(Brad) etc.) select Edit and manage citations, choose the cog wheel, then either Format Bibliography OR Configure Bibliography (depending on your version of Word).

Users of other Word processors (Open Office etc.)

If you are using another word processor (Open Office, Pages on a Mac etc.) you can use the Format Paper option, to do this you need to enter the citations into the text in the format {name, date} in curly brackets regardless of the referencing style you are ultimately using, and EndNote Web will match those to items in your EndNote folders. For more information on how to do this see the Format Paper section of the Help screens.

Subject bibliographies

This feature allows you to create a bibliography without having to enter citations into the text of your Word document. This will create a bibliography of your whole folder. You can sort it by the criteria you select, e.g. by author or by keyword.

  1. From the EndNote Webpage, click on the Format tab and select Bibliography.

  2. Select the group of references you want to include.

  3. Select the bibliography output style you want. (If no styles display you need to choose a style as your favourite, by clicking on Output Styles and adding your chosen style to your favourites).

  4. Next choose the file type you want the output to be, RTF creates a Word readable file. The other options are HTML or TXT.

  5. Now either save the file, email or preview and print the file. If you save the file you can open it in Word and it should display your references in your chosen format.

Moving references from EndNote to EndNote online and back again

This is done from within the EndNote desktop program, which is available on the campus PCs. In Edit > Preferences add your EndNote online web account details to sync with, the sync will then happen automatically!

Further help

If you need further help and advice please contact your subject librarian (http://www.bradford.ac.uk/library/about-us/contact-us/) or email library@bradford.ac.uk.

1 Not all referencing styles use this as a way to cite authors referred to in other works. Check with your Department.

If you need to view this document in an alternative format or have any comments on the content email: lib-webadmin@bradford.ac.uk

Microsoft Word screen shot(s) reprinted by permission from Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft is a registered trade mark and Windows is a trade mark of Microsoft Corporation.

August 2017

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