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Editing citations

If you want to enter specific page references into the text in your Word document, e.g. (Jones, 2001, p.21)

  1. In the Word document, click on the citation to edit to highlight it.

  2. Click on the Edit Citation(s) button in the EndNote Web toolbar. Or if using a Mac, select EndNote Web from the Tools menu, then Edit Citation(s). An Edit Citation(s) window will appear.

  3. Select the appropriate edit option(s). The options available are:

Exclude author – Removes the author’s name in the selected citation. Useful if you want to include the author name in the sense of the sentence, i.e.: According to Smith (2015), the largest change was….

Exclude year - Removes the Year in the citation in the selected citation.

Prefix – Adds the prefix entered in the Prefix field to the citation. Use this where you are referring to the work of one author that has been cited by another ie: Darwin, 1859 cited in Alberts, 2013. The text in bold you would add manually to the Prefix field1.

Suffix – Adds the suffix entered in the Prefix field to the citation.

Pages – Adds the page numbers in the citation for a direct quotation.

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