Emerging Developments in Juvenile Justice

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5th Annual Juvenile Justice Summit
Rydges Melbourne: Tuesday 25 March 2014

Judge Peter Johnstone

President of the Children’s Court of NSW

“Emerging Developments in Juvenile Justice”


  1. This paper has been prepared for the 5th Annual Juvenile Justice Summit on Thursday 25 March 2014.1 The topic for my address is “Emerging Developments in Juvenile Justice: The Use of Intervention, Diversion and Rehabilitation to Break the Cycle and Prevent Juvenile Offending.”

  2. At the time I was asked to speak at this Summit, and provide a Presentation Outline, I was unaware that the Keynote Opening Address by Megan Mitchell would address a similar theme. At the time of writing, I look forward to following that address, hopefully to develop and expand upon the theme. On the other hand, I am concerned that I will not be overly repetitive of any content in her address.

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