Effective citing and referencing

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Effective citing and referencing
Why cite
Proper citation is a key element in academic scholarship and intellectual exchange. When we cite we show respect for the work of others help a reader to distinguish our work from the work of others who have contributed to our work give the reader the opportunity to check the validity of our use of other people’s work give the reader the opportunity to followup our references, out of interest show and receive proper credit for our research process demonstrate that we are able to use reliable sources and critically assess them to support our work establish the credibility and authority of our knowledge and ideas demonstrate that we are able to draw our own conclusions share the blame (if we get it wrong).

Effective citing and referencing
What to cite
As creators/authors, we are expected to acknowledge any materials or ideas that are not ours and that have been used in anyway, such as quotation, paraphrase or summary. The term materials means written, oral or electronic products, and may include the following.











Basic and common knowledge within afield or subject does not need to be acknowledged. However, if we are in doubt whether the source material is common knowledge or not, we should cite!

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