Edp686-010: Theory and Methods of Marriage

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EDP686-001: Theory and Methods of Marriage

and Family Therapy

Spring Semester, 2012 M 1-3:30 DH129

Dr. Rory Remer

233 Dickey Hall

Office #: 257-7877

E-mail Addresses: RRemer@uky.edu

Office Hrs: By Appointment

This course is designed with three goals in mind:

(a) to introduce Dynamical Systems Theory as a framework from which to provide interventions to change human interactional systems, specifically families, and to integrate other theoretical perspectives.

(b) to provide an overview of various perspectives, theories, and methods used in marriage and family therapy.

(c) to allow the attaining of knowledge and facility in the application of at least one theoretical approach to Family therapy (to minimum criterion level).
Particular emphasis is given the delineation of the distinctions between and among not only various marriage and family perspectives but also comparisons with individual and group counseling theories and methods. A combination of didactic and experiential approaches to learning and practicing the course material is taken.

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