Edp649-001/Group Counseling

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A "B" grade is assigned for demonstrating adequate command of the theory and techniques of group leadership needed to provide groups clients with interventions and support to plan and to make the changes they desire.

For a "B" grade--75 points or more (a minimum of 5 pt. in each 10 pt. requirement--10 pts. on the GDP)
An "A" grade is earned for more than an adequate command of the theory and skills as indicated above AND the academic demonstration of ability to convey such command of the course.
For an "A" grade: Satisfactory completion of all "B" grade requirements with at least 90 points.
(a) Active participation (including ongoing/weekly formative skill evaluation) in a small (3/4 students and supervisor) supervision group, provided by instructor. Criteria: supervisor feedback and at least bi-weekly check-off. 10 points

(b) Active participation in class discussions and exercises. Evidence of consistent preparation for class activities—in particular class group co-leadership assignments. Participation to be judged by the instructor, and based, in part, on familiarity with written material required and/or recommended. 20 points

(c) Group Plan Proposal (Can be an Outline). A comprehensive plan for conducting the group leadership experience. Includes both process and content foci. Must reflect awareness of and application of at least one group perspective from those offered in class. 10 points

(d) Student Generated GDP Evaluation Criteria. Criteria by which your group leadership effectiveness will

be judged. These criteria will be applied by the instructor for 10 points of the 50 points in evaluating your

group leadership experience as reflected by the GDP. Must reflect awareness of and application of at least

one group perspective from those offered in class. These criteria may be revised once for application to the

GDP based on feedback received. Points will NOT be recalculated. 10 points

(e) Group Development Paper (GDP) (about a group you are leading or co-leading)

which should include a critical commentary on the interaction from one practical/theoretical group

perspective (either presented in class or cleared by the instructor in advance).

The format should be: (a) background--group title, goals, composition, structure, and

other pertinent information for understanding the dynamics and state explicitly the group perspective

applied; (b) the progress notes from five consecutive sessions; (c) summary of experience; and (d) discussion

of leadership experience--personal strengths, weaknesses and plans for further personal development of the

group leader. It should evidence the application of group dynamics perspective(s) throughout. This

submission will be graded according to the accompanying criteria. No revision option is available for this

paper. (A limited number of groups are available through the instructor.)

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