Edp649-001/Group Counseling

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(CC) Corey, Corey, Callanan, & Russell. Group Techniques, Brooks/Cole.
(H) Hale, A. E. Conducting Clinical Sociometric Explorations. (Library Reserve, Chapters 3 and 5 available on-line)


(C ) Corey, G. Theory & Practice of Group Counseling, Brooks/Cole.
(E) Egan G. Face to Face: The Small-Group Experience and Interpersonal Growth, Brooks/Cole.
(Y) Yalom, I. D. The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, 3rd edition, Basic Books.
LR--Library Reserve—On-Line and Folder in Education Library.

We will meet twice a week for the first half of the semester, approximately, focusing on didactic and personal experience aspects of group leadership. These sessions will have the pattern of workshop presentations (and will include some student responsibility for planning). The first hour (or so) to be introducing theory through exercises; the last hour and ½ will focus on the processing of the exercise relating it to the theory topic of the day. Materials for the successful participation in the day’s exercise will be distributed ahead of time (if necessary) and completed before class interaction.

The second half of the semester you will lead groups and apply what you have learned in a practicum-like situation. The “Resource Groups” are TBA to accommodate this arrangement.

The readings and due dates for required submissions have been arranged accordingly.

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