Edp649-001/Group Counseling

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The requirements of EDP649 are predicated on the assumption that, in order to be an effective group leader, one must have exposure to three basic aspects:

  1. a didactic theoretical basis from which to operate,

  2. an actual experience as a group member, and;

(c) a supervised, controlled experience as a leader. The class will be organized to illustrate the theoretical aspects of group dynamics through laboratory experiences coordinated with didactic presentations.


Grading will be on the semi-criterion referenced basis, "A," "B," “C,” or "I." An "I" will be given to anyone not meeting the criteria for a "B" grade or better until the discrepancies are addressed or it is determined that further remediation is not possible. The "I" must be completed, as contracted with the instructor, by the beginning of the following semester or a grade commensurate with the amount of effort to that point, based on the best judgment of the instructor, will be assigned from "A" to "E". Students with an "I" or less than a "B" grade in EDP649 (Group Counseling) will be barred from taking practicum (EDP664) or any other courses requiring EDP649 as minimal competency. A student who received an "I" grade must negotiate a new contract with Dr. Remer to satisfy the course requirement.

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