Edp649-001/Group Counseling

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Group Plan Proposal Due

(Organize and Start Group Supervision)
Oct. 1 Ethics CC (2: Ethical Issues in Using Group

Techniques), LR (Ethical Codes)

Oct. 6 Observational Systems Assigned Library Reading (Bale’s Chapters,

Research if applicable)

Student Generated GDP Evaluation Criteria Due

(Start Groups, Group Supervision Continues)
Oct. 8 Revised Student Generated GDP Evaluation

Criteria Due

Oct. 13- Dec. 1 Group Practicum: Run Groups C (6-15 choice)

Y (4: Curative Factors: Overview;

12: Problem Patients;

13: Techniques of the Therapist:

Specialized Formats and Procedural Aids)

Nov. 17 Contract for Extra Credit Paper Due

Nov. 24 Extra Credit Paper Due for Revision


Dec. 1 Extra Credit Paper Due

(If Possible—Topic NOT

dependent on collection of

further data)

Dec. 8 Training/Evaluation Y (15: The Training of the Group

Group Experiences/Closure Therapist)

Group Development Paper Due

Dec. 10 Flex-day (Available for Scheduling Reorganization)

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