Dyslexia and ict

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Becta | ict advice | guidance documentDyslexia and ICT
2 in a set of 8_______________________________________________________Dyslexia and ICTWhat is dyslexia?According to the Dyslexia Institute: ‘Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that hinders the learning of literacy skills. This problem with managing verbal codes in memory is neurologically based and tends to run in families. Other symbolic systems, such as mathematics and musical notation, can also be affected.’However, the existence of dyslexia as an identifiable condition has been questioned. Many prefer the term 'specific learning difficulties' because they feel it is a more accurate description of the pattern of difficulties frequently experienced by this group of students. Learners may show marked and unexpected discrepancies between general intelligence and the ability to perform tasks, particularly those involving language, reading or writing. Dyslexics may find the following skills difficult:· auditory discrimination· left and right· maths computation· memory· organisation· pronunciation, particularly words of three or more syllables· reading· sequencing· spelling· visual discrimination.However, this list is not to suggest that all students displaying these problems necessarily have dyslexia.

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