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The essence of low self-esteem: Your central beliefs

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The essence of low self-esteem: Your central beliefs
about yourself
At the heart of self-esteem lie your central beliefs about yourself and your core ideas about the kind of person you are.
These beliefs normally have the appearance of statements of fact. They may seem straightforward reflections of your identity, pure statements of the truth about yourself. Actually,
however, they are more likely to be opinions than facts summary statements or conclusions you have come to about yourself, based on the experiences you have had in your life,
and in particular the messages you have received about the kind of person you are. Soto put it simply, if your experiences have generally been positive, your beliefs about yourself are likely to be equally positive. If your experiences have been pretty mixed (as most people’s are, then you may have a range of different ideas about yourself, and apply them flexibly according to the circumstances in which you find yourself. However, if your experiences have been generally negative, then your beliefs about yourself are likely to be equally negative. Negative beliefs about yourself constitute the essence of low self-esteem. And this essence may have coloured and contaminated many aspects of your life.

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