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How do I know whether I have low self-esteem?

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How do I know whether I have low self-esteem?
Take a look at the ten questions below. Put a tick next to each question, in the column that best reflects how you feel about yourself. Be honest – there are no right or wrong answers here, simply the truth about how you see yourself. What is low self-esteem? CR – overcoming low self-esteem text:Layout 1 19/3/09 10:26 Page 5

No, not definitely mostly some- mostly at all times
My experience in life has taught me to value and appreciate myself
I have a good opinion of myself
I treat myself well and look after myself properly
I like myself
I give as much weight to my qualities, skills, assets and strengths as I do to my weaknesses and flaws
I feelgood about myself
I feel I am entitled to other people’s attention and time
I believe I am entitled to the good things in life
My expectations of myself are no more rigid or exacting than my expectations of other people
I am kind and encouraging towards myself, rather than self-critical
CR034 – overcoming low self-esteem text:Layout 1 19/3/09 10:26 Page 6

If your answers to these questions are anything other than
‘Yes, definitely, then this book could be useful to you. If you are generally comfortable in accepting yourself as you are, if you have no real difficulty in respecting and appreciating yourself, if you see yourself as having intrinsic value and worth despite your human weaknesses, and feel entitled to take up your space in the world and to enjoy its riches, then you have the gift of self-esteem. You may still find ideas in this book that will interest you or open up avenues that you have not previously thought of, but any changes you make will be built on the solid foundation of a broadly positive view of yourself. If, on the other hand,
you feel your true self to be weak, inadequate, inferior or lacking in someway, if you are troubled by uncertainty and self-doubt, if your thoughts about yourself are often unkind and critical, or if you have difficulty in feeling that you have any true worth or entitlement to the good things in life, these are signs that your self-esteem is low. And low self-esteem maybe having a painful and damaging effect on your life.

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