Dr Anna Ewert: Bilingualism B

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12. Linguistic awareness.

Jessner, U. 2005. Linguistic awareness in multilinguals. English as a third language. Edinburgh University Press, pp. 36-119.

Lasagabaster, D. 2001. The effect of knowledge about the L1 on foreign language skills and grammar. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 4 (5), 310-331.
13. To be decided
14. End-of-term test.
Course description: The course is meant as an introduction to bilingualism. The students will be introduced to state-of-the-art theoretical approaches to bilingualism as well as most recent empirical findings. The focus will be on the organisation of the two languages in the bilingual mind and interactions between them, as well as interactions between language and general cognitive processes. The topics include: definitions of bilingualism, native speaker proficiency, separatist and integrationist views of bilingualism, neurological aspects of bilingualism, bilingualism and intelligence, crosslinguistic interaction, L2 influence on L1, language awareness.
Some of the questions the course will try to assist in answering:

- Am I bilingual or multilingual?

- How can a mother tongue be defined? Is the mother tongue always the language you learn first in life? Is it possible to have two mother tongues?

- Are bilinguals different from monolinguals? In what ways?

- Are bilinguals more intelligent than monolinguals?

- Are the two languages processed in the same areas of the brain?

- Do the two languages interfere with each other?

- Does the L2 influence your L1?

- Does it influence your thinking? cognitive processes? general linguistic processing?

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