Do violent video games affect children's lives negatively

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Project Assignment (Part 1)

Do violent video games affect children's lives negatively?

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PREM 0046 (Introduction to Statistical Methods)


Today's world is full of pieces of technology; we are surrounded by technology and of course it helps us a lot. Right? There is no doubt that technology has effected all of our lives whether it is positive or negative will be determined by the success of our ability to communicate with those around us. For example; people use the internet for many things such as; buying and selling a house or a car; booking a holiday; watching a video, or reading an Australian newspaper or a Japanese magazine; they can buy books and CDs from anywhere in the world. They can just chat to people from all over the world. The list is endless!... Internet is considered as a one piece of technology. Also, video games are one of the latest communicating technology devices which can let people make a social medium between them. Interactive video and computer games belong to the new multimedia culture that is based on the digital computer technology.

Many people play video games to get away from their everyday lives. It gives them a break in their daily routine. People may play video games is to relieve stress. For some people, when they’re angry or upset the easy way to take their mind of things is to work out, do yoga, eat, or any other stress relieving methods. For others playing video games serves the same purpose: it takes their minds off the problems and allows them to take a break or cool off. A lot of video games include violence, guns or some other type of fighting, which could help people take out their anger through the game rather than in real life. Everyone has their choice of pastimes, some like sports some like shopping and others like video games. To some, videogames is simply an interesting and fun way to past time. Regardless of the reasons that people choose to play video games, there are still negative effects that result in this pastime or activity. These games have become increasingly popular in the past 20 to 25 years, especially among children.

Whenever we talk about children's' games, the first thing that comes to our mind is video games. All children love to play video games and these become essential part of their lives. They enjoy playing games because they include many cartoon characters that they like. All of them have some favorite cartoon characters and they will really enjoy playing games related to them.

There is no question that video games are now a prime form of entertainment for an ever increasing number of people. Video games have become one of the favorite activities of children in America (Dewitt, 1993). As the technology improves the games will become more and more realistic and it is important that games are properly rated to protect younger players from the games with adult content, which the BBFC does (Playing Video Games - BBFC Publishes Research, April 17th 2007). Video games has become a modern day phenomenon that has become a big part of many children's lives and they have reached a level in which the playing can be very addictive because they are successfully marketed and easily obtained by children and adolescents.

Literature Review

Do video games encourage violence among those who play them? Violent video games have been linked to aggressive behavior in children (Ask, 1999; Provenzo, 1991; Anderson & Bushman, 2001; Neary, 2008). Children who played violent games became more aggressive over time. According to British psychologist Mark Griffiths (1999) "the majority of studies on very young children tend to show that children become more aggressive after playing or watching a violent video game." Kids in both the United States and Japan who reported playing lots of violent video games had more aggressive behavior months later than their peers who did not (Harding, 2008).

A lot of the top-selling video games consist of fighting and killing. This violence has, in some cases, proven to result in an increase in aggressive behavior. When children are at a young age they are very impressionable and when they see the violence that exists in their favorite video game, they think that this is the correct behavior and acceptable way to solve problems, and therefore their aggressive behaviors increase. Another cause for this increase in aggressive behavior is the fact that in these violent video games the players are rewarded for their violent behaviors. In most games the player jump to the next level after fighting and killing a certain amount of people (Quirk, 2007).

An article by Dill and Dill (1998) has proved that the main purpose of violent video games is aggressive "In violent video games, aggression is often the main goal, and killing adversaries means winning the game and reaping the benefits. While in real life, murder is a crime, in a violent video game, murder is the most reinforced behavior…The violent video game player is an active aggressor and the players’ behavioral repertoire is expanded to include new and varied aggressive alternatives… If violent videogame play indeed depicts victims as deserving attacks, and if these video games tend to portray other humans as ‘targets,’ then reduced empathy is likely to be a consequence of violent videogame play, thus putting the player at risk for becoming a more violent individual."

One of the most common negative aspects of violent video games is the fear that children are not getting the necessary physical activity. The more time along with the fear of the increase of obesity, there is also a fear of lacking social skills. Some parents worry that if their children spend a lot of time playing violent video games they are missing out on the time that could be spent playing with peers. Some argue that people interact with others while playing video games. For example, in the popular violent video game (Call of Duty) there is a lot of interaction with others through the game itself. This creates a debate on whether or not the interaction served through the video games allows for the same interaction one gets from a face-to-face encounter. Regardless of this, there is still the existing fear that when a person spends their free time playing video games they will not receive the necessary interactions and therefore might lack social skills (Quirk, 2007).

Along with violence video games can come with many other issues. What I mean by this is that instead of children going out to play they will stay inside and play games and when they go over to their friend’s house the first thing children are doing is playing games. Also video games affect sleep and there is a study has shown that a group of children who played games had a harder time getting to sleep then a group of teens who watched action movies before they went to bed ( Negative Effects of Violent Video Games, 2008).


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