Change Management (Rev 2)
  Qualitative and Quantitative Research: How to Choose the Best Design
  Necessary Trifecta – Creativity, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship: a literature Review
  Approaches to Learning and Contemporary Accounting Education
  Extract from: Education in Changing Environment 13
  American Society of Victimology
  Evidence from Prior Research (forthcoming, Journal of Business, Industry and Economics, 2007)
  Correction Policies of Online Publications
  Welcome To The Art of Management and Organisation
  Arturo Carsetti
  The gold buying consumer culture of Indian women: qualitative responses
  Using 3d modelling and Dynamic Thermal Simulation Software Tools to Facilitate Student Understanding of Complex Principles in 'Passive' Building Design – An Experiential Learning Approach
  Peter Århem
  The Impact of Family & Technology Issues on Sales Careers

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