Developmental Psychology Theories Project Introduction

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What Do I Turn In?

You have some flexibility for what you will be turning in for this project. You may choose any of the following:

  • You may video tape your interviews/tests (be sure to ask for permission first). If you choose to do this, you will also need to write a one-page reflection on how it connects to course material.

  • You may write out your questions or tasks and write out the responses, and again include a one-page reflection that connects what you did to the course.

  • You may create a Google Slides presentation of what you did and how it connects.

  • Other ideas for what you turn in for this project must be approved.


Regardless of the format you use, what you turn in must:

  • Clearly describe or show what you did to study the theory

  • Connect what you did and what you found in your studies to material from this unit (specific terms and aspects of the theory).

  • Describe what went well and what did not go as planned during your interview/tests.

Directory: portengaa -> A.P.%20Psychology -> Chapter%20Notes%20&%20Assignments -> Development
Chapter%20Notes%20&%20Assignments -> Study outline module 70: introduction to therapy, & psychodynamic & humanistic therapies
Development -> Chapter 9: Lifespan Development
Chapter%20Notes%20&%20Assignments -> Unit XI: testing & individual differences note taking & reflection guide module 60: introduction to intelligence
Chapter%20Notes%20&%20Assignments -> Chapter 1 Introduction and Research Methods Tab settings established hereLearning Objectives Introduction: The Origins of Psychology, pp. 2-9
Chapter%20Notes%20&%20Assignments -> Learning Objectives Introduction: Thinking, Language, and Intelligence, pp. 279-284
Chapter%20Notes%20&%20Assignments -> Chapter 2 Neuroscience and Behavior Learning Objectives Introduction: Neuroscience and Behavior, pp. 46-47

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