Developing mentors to support students in practice, Part assessment and Accountability; – Assessment in practice. Summary

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Learning Activity 4

Look at the assessment documents you use in practice and identify which framework is used to establish the standard expected for the level and stage of training the student should be working and assessed against.

Look up this framework to gain a better understanding.
Now discuss this framework with the local link lecturer or practice education facilitator.

Utilising this framework how would you assess your student (Pre-registration or Post Registration) in relation to ‘Assessing and managing the care needs for service users within your area of practice’.

Finally assessments need to be practical to administer in terms of ease, cost and time. It should take into account the needs of the busy practice placement area and the team (Walsh 2010). Mentors and practice teachers must be realistic in ensuring that what they are assessing is appropriate in terms of the timeframe that the student is allocated to the practice placement (Kinnell and Hughes 2010). To ensure the quality and objectivity of assessment strategies and to ensure the key elements to the effectiveness of assessments that incorporate the four cardinal criteria of assessment, mentors and practice teachers need to utilise multiple assessment strategies.

Assessing learning for registration and beyond by utilising a breadth of assessment strategies that will contribute to the total assessment process as part of the teaching team.

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