Department of Psychology General Education Assessment Report

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June 4, 2008
Department of Psychology General Education Assessment Report

2007-2008 Academic Year
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology
Course Listing: An introductory course dealing with principles of behavior, scientific methods of psychology, measurement, learning, perception, motivation, development, personality, abnormal behavior, social behavior, intelligence, and other topics.
Common Syllabus Statement: This course fulfills a portion of WKU's Category C (Social and Behavioral Sciences) general education requirement. Specifically, this course addresses the following general education goals and objectives:

  1. Provides an understanding of society and human behavior that

1. describes methods of inquiry appropriate to the scientific study of societal institutions and human behavior (2)

2. examines patterns of interaction pertaining to race, gender, ethnic identity, class, community, and other forms of social grouping (2)

3. evaluates the impact of heredity and environment on human development and individual behavior (2)

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