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Class:- BG (Final year) Name of the teacher:-

Javeed Hussain

Topic:- Two Factor theory Time: 10:00 to 10: 40

of intelligence.

Introduction: - The two factor theory of intelligence was put forth by the English philosopher, Charles Spearman in 1904. According to him, intelligence consists of 2 factors, one is “g” and other is “s” factor. Different individuals differ both in their “g” as well as “s” factors.

Characteristics of “g” factor:

  1. It is universal ability.

  2. It is innate, natural or inborn ability.

  3. It is also regarded as general mental energy of an individual.

  4. It is general mental ability.

  5. It is it is used in every life activity of human beings.

  6. It is constant.

  7. It varies from individual to individual.

  8. It is responsible for success in life.

  9. The greater the amount of “g” more the successful.

Characteristics of “s” factor:-

  1. “s” factor is also called as the special ability of an individual.

  2. It is not involved in all the activities.

  3. It is acquired in the environment.

  4. It varies from activity to activity.

  5. It varies from individual to individual.

  6. “s” factor is responsible for the success of an individual in particular field.

  7. The greater the amount of “s” factor in an individual , the more successful will be in a particular field.

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