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Copyright © 1993, Wiley; In K. M. Ford & J. M. Bradshaw (Ed.), Knowledge Acquisition as Modeling.

Beyond the Repertory Grid: New Approaches to Constructivist Knowledge Acquisition Tool Development

Jeffrey M. Bradshaw

Computer Science, Research and Technology, Boeing Computer Services

Seattle, Washington 98124 USA

Kenneth M. Ford

Institute for Human & Machine Cognition, University of West Florida,

Pensacola, Florida 32514 USA
Jack R. Adams-Webber

Department of Psychology, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada L2S 3A1

John H. Boose

Computer Science, Research and Technology, Boeing Computer Services

Seattle, Washington 98124 USA

Personal construct theory provides both a plausible theoretical foundation for knowledge acquisition and a practical approach to modeling. Yet, only a fraction of the ideas latent in this theory have been tapped. Recently, several researchers have been taking a second look at the theory, to discover new ways that it can shed light on the foundations and practice of knowledge acquisition. These efforts have led to the development of three “second-generation” constructivist knowledge acquisition systems: DDUCKS, ICONKAT, and KSSn/KRS. These tools extend repertory grid techniques in various ways and integrate them with tools springing from complementary perspectives. New understandings of relationships between personal construct theory, assimilation theory, logic, semantic networks, and decision analysis have formed the underpinnings of these systems. Theoretical progress has fostered practical development in system architecture, analysis and induction techniques, and group use of knowledge acquisition tools.

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