Conscious Psychology Course Outline 018 (subject to change) Level Weekend 1: nlp core Skills

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Conscious Psychology

Course Outline 2018 (subject to change)
Level 1
Weekend 1: NLP Core Skills
This first weekend is an introduction to the key principles and skills of NLP.

Day 1 covers ho to approach the course, and what it means to be a therapist – and touches on the theory and practice of the Person-Centred therapeutic approach, which fits closely with the NLP model of the therapist-client relationship.

The second day introduces students to the fundamentals of Ericksonian hypnosis, and the principle of submodalites – two of the cornerstones of all NLP work.
Saturday 10th February

Sunday 11th February

  • Introduction to Hypnosis

  • Submodalities and Submodality cross-over pattern

Weekend 2: Core NLP Processes
Weekend 2 builds on the core NLP skills to give students an understanding and experience of two fundamental NLP processes for creating change – Parts Integration and Anchoring.
Saturday 10th March
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