Concise Lab Write-up Protocol (Title here) Prepared by: Team members: Member, Member, Member Date

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Concise Lab Write-up Protocol (Title here)
Prepared by: Team member

Team Members: Member, Member, Member


(Note that each member of the team should initial next to their own name, indicating their participation by personal endorsement and approval of the contents)

Executive Summary (20 Points)

The purpose of a laboratory write-up is two-fold: demonstrate the effectiveness of the teaching/learning process; and to capture sufficient detail for the student to reproduce the learning when needed for later (professional) reference.

The purpose of the executive summary is to highlight key points in a 2-3 paragraph overview. It should include a simple statement of motivation, approach, and then main points pertaining to the object of the work, including conclusions and engineering recommendations. The idea is to give the person reading the work (the executive) sufficient information that they can base their decision on these few paragraphs. You will be lucky to get them to read beyond that. More important, the researcher needs to develop an ability to distill out the essence of what is going on and what are the important parameters that need to be controlled.

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