Complexity Leadership Case Study

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Complexity Leadership Case Study

Molly Lutz

Wright State University

Complexity Leadership Case Study


Complexity leadership occurs in the face of adaptive challenges in the health care system. These challenges require new learning, innovation, and changes in behaviors. Advanced practice nurses need to use complexity leadership to be more responsive to the changing health care system. “The development and implementation of advanced practice nursing roles is influenced by economic conditions and health resources issues” (Carter et al., 2010, p. 167). Complexity leadership has three key objectives: adaptive leadership, enabling leadership, and administrative leadership. Leadership is a natural element in the nursing process that starts with safety.

“The top five competencies identified by advanced practice nurses are building effective teams, translating vision into strategy, communicating vision and strategy, managing conflict, and managing focus on patient and customer”(O’Neil, Morjikian, Cherner, & West, 2008, p. 179). Leaders see opportunities for change in systems instead of obstacles. There needs to be a co-evolution or continuous change between administration and staff to create more positive outcomes in health care. Advanced practice nurses use a practice that incorporates a high level of knowledge and skills in unpredictable and complex situations. The practice is structured in a nursing model and enhanced by accountability and autonomy. It displays a clinical leadership that influences and progresses clinical care, safety, policy, and collaboration through all levels of health service (Carryer, Gardner, Dunn, & Gardner, 2007).

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