Clinical Teaching Module

Course Objectives - Diploma

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Course Objectives - Diploma

The module in clinical teaching is aimed at qualified anaesthetists for whom clinical teaching forms part of their role or work plan. The aims of the course are to provide a theoretical and experiential platform for the participants to develop expertise in all of the key components of clinical teaching.

By the end of the module the learners will be able to:
Course Outcomes: The clinical teaching module graduate will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an awareness of the key relevant theories of learning and how they relate to clinical teaching

  2. Construct learning events based on an understanding of the principles of adult learning and course design

  3. Implement and evaluate effective clinical teaching using appropriate theory based techniques

  4. Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of clinical teaching

  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the purposes and effects of assessment

  6. Design and implement appropriate assessments of clinical knowledge and skills

  7. Demonstrate proficiency in key teaching skills such as small, large group teaching, giving feedback, using questions appropriately and learner appraisal.

  8. Describe the various components of effective CPD and how they can be structured and supported

  9. Explain and critically appraise the relationship between professional reaccredidation and professional development

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