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Appendix D – Singapore Country Summary

The Government Context
Organisation of Governmenti
Singapore is a parliamentary republic; a city state with a governing structure patterned on the British system of parliamentary Government. Executive power lies with the Prime Minister and his Cabinet who direct and control the Government and is responsible to Parliament. Each of the Government ministries is headed by a Minister who is a Member of Parliament, and a Member of the Cabinet and is accountable to the Parliament for all the Ministry's affairs.
Singapore has only one level of government i.e. national and local government is one and the same - a form of government that reflects the country's small population of about 4.01 million. As at January 2002, there were 14 ministries, 21 Government Departments and 68 statutory boards.
As a governing body for both the nation and the city, the Singapore Government is responsible for planning, budgeting for and supervising the majority of key services. The actual delivery of some services has been devolved to statutory boards. These are an autonomous Government agencies set up by special legislation to perform specific functions. Some statutory boards have formed subsidiary companies to add further flexibility to their operations for example, charging fees for service provided. Others have been further corporatised and subsequently privatised. These include power and gas provision, telecommunications, and broadcasting.

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