Citing your References in the mhra style

How to set out quotations in your document

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1.4 How to set out quotations in your document

Direct quotation from any source must be indicated as such and the exact reference given within a footnote.

Short quotations may be run into the text, using single quotation marks. The number for the note should appear at the end of the quotation, after the full stop, even if the quotation appears in the middle of the sentence. For example:

Lynch emphasizes that ‘In the culture about which Shakespeare wrote, hands were felt to have unique holy and sacramental powers’. 4

Corresponding footnote: 

Kathryn L. Lynch, ‘“What Hands Are Here?” The Hand as Generative Symbol in Macbeth’, The Review of English Studies, 39.153 (1988), 29-38 (p.32).

Longer quotations
 should be separated from the rest of the text and should not be placed in quotation marks. Place the number for the note at the end of the quotation.

Prose quotations including the first line, can be indented, for example:

Bewell sums up Clare’s view of language:

Ecolect is thus inseparably fused with idiolect in his poetry, and, in resisting John Taylor’s efforts to rid his poetry of dialect and provincialisms, Clare was struggling for the continuance not just of a nature but also of the unique language in which that nature had long been experienced and understood 5

Corresponding footnote: 

5 Alan Bewell, ‘John Clare and the Ghosts of Natures Past’, Nineteenth-Century Literature, 65.4 (2011), 548-78 (p. 570) <> [accessed 13 July 2014].

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