Child Psychology Final Essay Exam

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Child Psychology

Final Essay Exam

This final essay exam (taken instead of the final multiple choice exam) requires that you answer three of the following questions. You may answer any two of the first six questions; but you must answer the seventh question. The answer to each question should be NO MORE THAN 3 typed pages long and no longer (This is in everyone’s interest)! The exam is due (handed in or emailed to me) on Thursday May 6, 2002 by 11:59:59.9 pm. Your answers should be precise and concise. In all cases, I will be evaluating the quality of argument, not the length of the paper. Each question was designed to assess your understanding and synthesis of course material (lectures, discussion, readings, textbook, notes etc) in one of three ways: By you a) connecting material from different sections of the course (e.g., Questions 1 and 3), applying it to real life (e.g., Questions 2 and 4), or using it in the service of understanding oneself or interpreting the behavior of others (Questions 5 and 6). Question 7 involves all three components.

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