Chapter 1 introduction to media & advertising

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Chapter 01:
Introduction to Media & Advertising
- 1 -CHAPTER 1

Chapter 01:
Introduction to Media & Advertising
- 2 -
India is one of the fastest growing nations in Asia, as well as in the world. India, a land of more than one billion people and enormous opportunities has a unique personality. The personality of this country is depicted through its art, culture,
industries, etc. and here dialects, culture, even cuisine changes every 8-10 miles as one goes by.
The triple mantra of liberalization, globalization and privatization in Indian economy has opened the doors of a number of multinational companies in the Indian market.
The new entry of multinational companies coupled with the struggle of traditional
Indian corporate to survive in the market resulted in increased volume of advertisement and now the Medias are flooded with advertisements. In context to increasing advertising clutter, media fragmentation and emergence of new media, the biggest problem among marketer is to the selection of appropriate media.
In light to this, the research work is carried out to study the media Impact in
Advertising with special focus to Newspaper Media in Gujarat. The broad concern of this study was to determine media using habits of people of Gujarat and to study role of newspaper in advertising in Gujarat.
For successful completion of any project the most important requirement is to create a meaningful background with solid theoretical piling. In this chapter a humble effort has been made to explain marketing communication theory and its different tools.
Basic theory of advertising, its objectives, different Medias and factors affecting

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