Ccn weekly solutions series the week of june 12, 2006 “The Emotional and Spiritual Connection: The Sum of All Fears” Featuring

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“The Emotional and Spiritual Connection: The Sum of All Fears”


I. Introduction

Anxiety is more personal than we think it is

II. What is Anxiety?

1. Overwhelming Feelings of Panic and Fear

2. Uncontrollable Obsessive Thoughts

3. Painful Intrusive Memories

4. Recurring Nightmares
III. Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

1. Sick to Your Stomach

2. Butterflies in Your Stomach

3. Heart Pounding

4. Startling Easy

5. Muscle Tension

III. Types of Anxiety

1. Panic Disorder

2. Generalized Anxiety

3. Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder

4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

5. Panic Attack

6. Phobias

7. Unrelated Symptoms

IV. Ways to Avoid Anxiety

1. Medicate

2. Act Out

3. Learn What Your Avoidance Mechanisms Are

V. Causes of Anxiety:

Something in life that has taken on a symbolic meaning of something of danger
1. Fear of Losing a Significant Relationship/Connection

2. Loss of Freedom/Control

3. Not Being Good Enough

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New Life Ministries is a fully-equipped resource for the treatment of mental and spiritual health issues.

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