Cc3160 Psychology Aspects of Coaching 2 Semester Credits (10: 00-10: 50 M&W) Place

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CC3160 Psychology Aspects of Coaching

2 Semester Credits

(10:00-10:50 M&W)

Place: SpHC 208

Professor: Dr. Duane Millslagle

Office: SpHC 115

Office Hours: 1:00-1:50 MWF; 10:00-10:50 T

Office Phone: 726-8530


Course Description: Introduction to coaching field: its educational value and the psychological and sociological dimensions of high level performance.
Rationale: This course provides the student with an understanding of the relationship between the coach and athlete. The study of this relationship is important in developing a coach who understands the how and why of psychological enhancement techniques such as visualization, relaxation training, etc.
Instructional Methods and Materials. The methods used to deliver this course by the professor will be mental training project, case study discussions, mental, computer assisted instructional CD on imagery, lecture/discussion, video's, and class participation.
Student with a Disability. The highest priority is for our classroom and course work to facilitate participation and exchange for all students. I am eager to make accommodations to guarantee to all students access to class materials, assignments, and tests. Let know as soon as possible if you have a disability for which accommodations will be required.
General Information
Grading. I will add the total number of points that you accumulate throughout the semester from the tests, mental training project. The tests are worth 50% of your final grade. The mental training project is worth 25% and of the your final grade.

Tests. Two tests will be given(Mid-term & Final). Each test will cover one of two topical areas in this course. The tests will be based on the material delivered in class by the instructor and over the readings in the text. Don't expect the instructor to cover all materials in the text. The tests represent approximately 50% of grade in this course.
You are expected to read the material prior to coming to class. The numbers in parentheses on the outline indicate the chapter number or pages in the text to read. No make-up examinations will be given (unless there are EXTREME circumstances). Each written test will be a combination of objective and short answer essay questions. The length of each test will vary in length. You will have the entire period to complete each examination. Each missed test will be recorded as 0 points.

Cheating will not be tolerated in the class. You are not to receive information from another student or give information to another student during a test.

Mental Training Project Assignments. You will be required to complete various assignments associated with topics presented in this course. These assignments will relate to activities that one can use to enhancing sport performance day. You will submit the workbook during term on the day indicated in the tentative schedule. I will not accept late assignments. Late assignments submitted will be recorded as 0 points. The mental training project assignments represent approximately 40% of your final grade in this class.

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