Cbt seminar #1 Introduction, Basic Model and Goal Setting

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CBT Seminar #1

Identifying Thoughts and Emotions

Date: August 20, 2014

Required Reading:

Beck, J.S. (2011). Cognitive Therapy: Basics and Beyond. New York: Guilford Press 2nd ed. (pp. 137-157). Chapter 9 “Identifying Automatic Thoughts”

Beck, J.S. (2011). Cognitive Therapy: Basics and Beyond. New York: Guilford Press 2nd ed. (pp. 158-166). Chapter 10 “Identifying Emotions”
Educational Objectives:
At the end of this seminar the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify common difficulties patients encounter when trying to identify thoughts and emotions.

  2. Become familiar with techniques to help patients identify and distinguish among thoughts and emotions.

  3. Recognize the reciprocal relationship between thoughts and emotions.

Questions to consider:

  1. How many emotions can you name?

  2. Do emotions and thoughts correspond to one another?

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