Bsc (Hons) Nursing – Child Pathway

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Assessment methods

Students’ knowledge and understanding is assessed by a range of formative assessment techniques to prepare the students for summative testing. Specific assessment methods are specified in each module outline. All learning outcomes in a module are assessed and the mode of assessment is specified and mapped against each outcome.

Overall, modules are assessed using a variety of approaches to assessment; self, peer, group, mentor and online assessments.

B. Cognitive (thinking) skills
On completion of the programme the successful students will be able to:

  1. Critically reflect on theory and practice related to nursing.

  2. Critique evidence from a range of sources related to health and social care.

  3. Analyse concepts and principles related to nursing.

  4. Articulate the argument for a holistic approach to nursing.

  5. Exercise significant judgment in decision making.

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