Bsc (Hons) Nursing – Child Pathway

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Programme Specification

1. Programme title

BSc (Hons) Nursing - Child

2. Awarding institution

Middlesex University

3. Teaching institution

Middlesex University

4. Programme accredited by

The Nursing and Midwifery Council

5. Final qualification

BSc (Hons) with NMC Professional Registration - RN Child

6. Academic year

2011 - 2012

7. Language of study


8. Mode of study

Full time

9. Criteria for admission to the programme
5 GCSEs including Maths and English Language grade A-C, plus 2 A-levels at grade C or above.
Access to Health and Social Care (or similar) Diploma with the maximum award of 60 credits overall (45 at Level 3 and 15 at Level 2).

10. Aims of the programme

The BSc (Hons) Nursing programme pathway aims to produce the graduate nurse who is able to provide safe and effective care, is self aware and willingly takes responsibility for self and others. This graduate nurse will tailor care to the individual but will always consider the social context of care and be able to assess and manage risks in that environment. She/he will demonstrate warmth and empathy and will develop emotional intelligence and cultural competence. She/he will be committed to working in partnership with service users and colleagues and demonstrate a personal commitment to life-long learning.

Students accessing this programme pathway will be able to integrate their learning in theory and practice using critical and analytical skills; develop confidence to engage in equal contribution to dialogue with other health and social care professions; use critical thinking skills to support decisions which are made in the interest of the patient/client/service user.

On completion of the programme students will be able to demonstrate the required Nursing competencies for registration in their chosen field of practice of Children’s Nursing.

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