Brief Self-Introduction

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Brief Self-Introduction



Bonjour, Mesdames et Messieurs, my name is Yu ting Lin.  Although I will have a B.A. degree from the English Dept. of National Central University, I have always been fascinated by the French culinary arts and have taken actual steps toward my dream of becoming a chef.  So far I have obtained three professional certificates in Chinese Cuisine, Bakery and Pastry; and starting last August, I’ve been doing an internship in the restaurant of Taipei Sheraton Hotel.  My knowledge of the French language is also helping me study and learn more about French cuisine.  I hope I will have the honor to join your staff and learn from the great masters of French cooking.  Thank you.



Good morning, thank you for giving me this opportunity.  My name is Betty Chen.  I will be graduating from National Central University with a Bachelor’s degree in English in June, but I am extremely interested in foreign affairs, so I have taken several courses related to International Relations which you will find listed on my resume.  I had two years of experience working as office receptionist in the English department, which not only strengthened my capability in emergency response but also heightened my ability in dealing with all kinds of people.  My leadership position in our university’s promotion camp also sharpened my people skills.  As an independent, resourceful and responsible person, I welcome any challenging work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and hope that I could join your ranks and provide my service.  Thank you.



Good morning.  My name is Peggy Pan and I'm a fresh graduate from the English department of National Central University.  I'm applying for this position because I think I have the qualities you are looking for.  First, I am a friendly and outgoing person.  I like being around people and can easily find a good topic to strike up a conversation.  Second, I am a thoughtful person.  I always pay attention to details and can perceive people's needs before they ask for help.  Last but not least, I value punctuality.  For me, being on time means being polite.  So I always arrive early no matter if it's an appointment or a date and I always plan my days and make sure I get the most important things done early.  I hope I have the honor to serve your customers.  Thank you.



Good morning, my name is Joanne Fang and it is a great pleasure to be here.  I am a fresh graduate from the English Department of National Central University.  I am an ambitious and innovative person, and welcome challenges as I try to come up with new ideas.  Travelling and writing have been my top interests, and I have been a Youth Ambassador of MOFA to Palau and Kiribati, a volunteer in Turkey, and a translator in International Education Expo during my sophomore and junior year.  These international experiences and the diverse cultures I visited fascinated me and broadened my horizon.  I hope I have a chance to develop my interest and capability in your company, and I believe I can make invaluable contributions here.



Hello everyone, my name is Yu-Ching Huang.  I am 22 years old and will be graduating from National Central University this summer with a degree in English Literature.  I am an experienced emcee and public speaker in school, and have served at commencements, first day of school ceremonies, and other important events.  I am good at writing and communicating with people; I take my responsibilities quite seriously and am meticulous about the quality of my work.  Challenges are more than welcome as I work well both in teamwork and independently.  I would very much like to join your ranks and learn from your expertise as I upgrade my own performance.  Thank you. 



Hello, my name is Chia Yun Liu and I have just graduated from the English department of National Central University and completed the teacher’s certificate program there.  My interest in becoming a teacher comes from my mother who is a great teacher.  She has a way of making her students think learning is a cheerful thing and teaching is a worthy effort.  In my own school days, I have also met some wonderful teachers who helped me a lot both in my studies and in my life.  For me, being a teacher is a respectable job and I hope I can help others just like my mother and my teachers.  I have tutored many middle school students in my college days.  I find it very easy to talk to them.  I enjoy teaching and getting along with teenagers.  I believe I would be great for this job and look forward to working with you.  Thank you.   



My name is Olivia Yang and I am a fresh graduate from the English Department at National Central University.  I am hoping to pursue advanced studies in journalism. In college, I have had lots of experience writing analytic work in classes, which enhanced my writing skills and critical thinking abilities.  My efforts led me to become a teaching assistant in a writing course “Writing through Media” and also a reporter for an online film weekly, Funscreen Weekly.  I have a strong interest in the study of film and have been a volunteer at the English Department’s cinema since freshman year.  I hope further studies in journalism will help me gain a broader international perspective and prepare me for a career with UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to promote the economic and educational significance of culture and arts.  Thank you.



Hello, my name is Wei-Hang Chen and I will be graduating with a degree in business administration from National Central University in June.  Although I am trained in business administration, I am more interested in English and English teaching.  So I have worked on improving my English skills and have taken different kinds of English training in school.  In my third year, I had an opportunity to go to Boston for English learning in the summer and greatly enjoyed the trip.  Recently, I have started to learn Japanese.  I like to communicate with people from different backgrounds and brain storm for exceptional ideas.  I hope you will give me an opportunity to work for your school.  Thank you.



Hi, my name is Shih-Jung Chien, and I am currently a senior in National Central University, majoring in English.  I have two years of experience working as an assistant, first in the University System of Taiwan, performing clerical works, and now at the Graduate Institute of Learning and Instruction, helping as a research assistant.  The project gave me a chance to work with a professor and write two essays in collaboration based on our research.  Through writing these essays, I learned how to organize and present research results in limit pages.  So efficiency has become my work style as I always think ahead and complete assignments in time.  It would be a pleasure if I can have a chance to work in your company.



Hi, my name is Jung Yen Ko and I have a degree in English from National Central University.  I am enthusiastic about becoming an English teacher because I know the difficulties of learning a foreign language and have overcome them, and now I am eager to help others.  In my opinion, acquiring a new language is learning to use it as often as possible in daily life, so my goal is to create an interest in learning the English language among my students.  I'm really patient and passionate about teaching, especially with beginners.  I am also thoughtful and warm-hearted.  It would be a real pleasure if I can become an English teacher in your distinguished school.  Thank you.



Hello, thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Shao Hua Huang and I am now a junior in the English Dept of National Central University.  In addition to English, I am highly interested in the area of business management and have taken quite a few related courses from the department of business administration.  I have also attended numerous international activities to accumulate actual experience.  As shown on my resume, I am quite innovative from my leadership experiences in the extracurricular clubs.  I am also adaptable to various job environments and enjoy working with people.  I look forward to giving you my best performance during this summer intern as marketing assistant.  Thank you.


Hello, everyone.  My name is Lillian Wu and I recently graduated from the English department of National Central University.  I enjoy meeting people from all over the world and it will be a great pleasure if I could get a chance to serve them.  I had worked as a waitress, along with students from different countries.  I get along with people easily and can detect their needs very quickly.  While working for a company as an intern, I found myself quite good at paying attention to other’s voices and expressing my own opinions appropriately.  I believe becoming a flight desk service assistant would combine my work with my interest very nicely.  I would appreciate it very much if I were given a chance to become a member of your company.



Hello, every one, my name is Wu Wan-Chi and I have just graduated from the English department of National Central University.  I am an easygoing, open-minded and organized person, and I have made up my mind to become an English teacher since I was a kid.  In order to prepare myself for this career, I've worked as a part time English teacher since I was freshman.  Taking care of children, interacting with people, and devoting myself to education provide me a great sense of satisfaction, and I hope to join your ranks and make my contribution to education..  Thank you.



My name is Heidi Lin and I graduated with a B.A degree in English as well as a teacher’s certificate from the Education Program in National Central University.  I am passionate about teaching and I believe I can do it well.  I have taught students at the elementary, junior high, and graduate school level.  From these experiences, I have learnt that teaching is about people, not methods.  Actually, I regard teaching as a chance to inspire my students.  I hope I could have the chance to contribute my passion and efforts.



Hi, I am Sonia Liu from Taiwan.  Currently, I am finishing my final year of study at the English Department of National Central University, but I have decided to pursue a career in Brand management and marketing.  I have taken courses in the Business Administration program and realize that successful branding is the winning ticket in this highly competitive world of business.  In other words, you need to locate the unique qualities of your product and be able to present them in very precise and attractive ways for consumers to remember your product.  I believe my training in critical thinking and foreign cultures have prepared me well for this work of identifying and packaging a product. And my experiences in various leadership activities have also taught me communication skills that will be quite handy when I work in a team.  I hope I will have an opportunity to contribute and learn from this position in your company.  Thank you.



My name is 莊子宜 and I will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English as well as a certificate in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language from National Central University this June.  I believe this comprehensive training in TCSL, combined with my cross-cultural experiences and fluent English, make me a strong candidate for the position outlined in your notice.  I have studied in the US as well as Turkey and had taught Chinese in Armenia and the Philippines.  From these experiences I learned to adapt to new environments quickly and understand the complexity of cross-cultural language-teaching.  To prepare myself for this advertised position, I have studied and can speak basic Turkish, which is quite rare among Chinese speakers.  I believe my familiarity with the Turkish language should be quite helpful when I teach Chinese to Turkish speakers.  I hope you will give the opportunity.



My name is Chiech Lin.  I will be graduating from the English department of National Central University in June 2013.  My department is very unique in that it provides a wide variety of professional courses beyond basic oral and writing skills.  The exposure to such cultural issues and studies trained me to become an organized thinker with leadership capabilities.  I have served as the executive officer in the English Promotion Camp and deputy executive officer in the Freshmen Orientation Camp, from which I developed the competence to work both individually and collaboratively.  I have also begun working at the office of the University System of Taiwan (NCU) in my junior year, where I gained knowledge of basic clerical duties and reception skills.  I hope to devote what I have learned to your company.



Target job: flight attendant

Hello. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Yu-yin Shen. I am a fresh graduate from English Department, National Central University. As shown in my resume, I have several relevant experiences in the service industry during my college years.  Through these experiences, I gradually found my passion and ambition in service-oriented industry.  I am warm-hearted, cool-headed, and capable of dealing with emergencies on the airplane.  Being a person with a global vision, I am very eager to join a promising airline and develop my career there.  It will be a great honor and pleasure to join your team.  Thank you.

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