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Athletic Handbook


Student Athlete

Behavior Contract
Athlete’s Name: ___________________________________
As student athletes, you are bound by a stricter moral and behavioral code than non student-athletes.

As such, you will be responsible for conducting yourself in a manner above and beyond non student athletes.

If you choose to accept this responsibility, you and your guardian must sign this contract,

and in doing so, you agree to abide by the consequences set forth below:

Every member of the Brazos Athletic Program has a duty to represent himself/herself, the team and

the school in the best manner possible. This applies to your behavior both in school and out of school.

You are expected to avoid situations where you might be accused of wrong-doing. Being in the

wrong place at the wrong time” is not an excuse if you chose to be there in the first place.

In-school discipline problems resulting in ISS, Saturday School or Suspension may result in dismissal

from the athletic program. The following violations may also result in suspension or dismissal from

the Brazos Athletic Program:

  1. Using illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco at any time.

  2. Allowing yourself to be in a situation, in school or away from school, where you are accused of/arrested for an illegal activity.

  3. Missing practice (unless excused by the Coach).

  4. Skipping class or school.

  5. Poor sportsmanship

  6. Harassment (verbal/physical/sexual/etc…) of another student or team member.

  7. Any act (either in school or away from school) which in the opinion of the coaching and/or

school administration, reflects in a negative manner on the Brazos Athletic Program.

  1. Electronic communication (text, Facebook, Twitter, etc…) should be positive and should never

negatively reflect on other teammates or coaching staff. If it is not positive don’t post it.
By signing below, you affirm that you have read this and fully understand the rules set forth by this

Contract. You are also stating that you understand that violations of the Brazos Athletic Program

behavior policies could result in your being dismissed from the athletic program.
Player’s Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ___________
Parent’s Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ___________

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  1. Vision and Philosophy

  2. Board Policy for Athletics

  3. Introduction

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